Nomad Project

In this modern time, a lot of people are open-minded and more willing to try new combinations, ideas and services. We at Nomad Food&Wine understand this fact and also realize how important it is to consume natural food I.e. minimally processed food.

Our key concept is to combine foods from Paco’s (our founder and executive chef) culinary adventures while serving natural foods, giving our consumers a chance to explore cuisines from other places in the world without having to travel.

Our goal is to create an atmosphere where people from all walks of life and cultural backgrounds irrespective of their food preference can connect, relax and enjoy all their preferred meals. Our restaurant offers;

· A cozy and inviting environment- comfortable, laid back and approachable interior with a homely vibe.

· Fresh and healthy meals- juices, smoothies and older healthy options to suit your preferences.

· Menu based on locations- Mediterranean, Italian, Scandinavian and African traditional dishes with a contemporary twist.

· Quality products- Tea, coffee, wines, craft beers and sourced products all of top-notch quality.

· Urban vibes- selected world music soundtrack to create the perfect ambience and set the mood.

· Smiles- friendly customer service-oriented staff who ensure your experience with us from start to finish is stellar.

The Nomad Project

Welcome to Nomad Food & Wine

A food-lover’s journey combining the techniques and philosophy of Italian cuisine with African flavors and Nordic influences.

From Paco, our Head Chef and owner:

This is Nomadic cuisine

“Nomadic cuisine is about taking the best foods, ingredients, technics and flavours of different cultures, from the South to the North, and fusing them into something completely new.

I grew up between two cultures and two food traditions, the Senegalese and the Italian. My roots are in Dakar, Senegal, but I trained as a chef in one of the top culinary schools of Italy, Alma scuola di Alta Cucina Italiana in Colorno (Parma)/ Italy. For the past 12 years I have been living and cooking mostly in Finland, taking in Nordic tastes and influences, as well as consulting restaurants around the world.

Nomad Food & Wine is where I express my life-long culinary journey through food: using everything I’ve learned from the art and history of Italian cuisine but mixing in influences from the places I’ve lived in and travelled through, from Africa to the Nordics. Each dish at Nomad tells a story and gives you a taste of somewhere you’ve never been before.”

Our Zero Waste philosophy

“@ Nomad, we believe that great taste can be made with zero waste”

We use the best ingredients available and affordable to us, and put a lot of energy into designing a menu where they can be used in full. If some parts of meat, fish or vegetables aren’t needed for a dish, they can be used to make something else. The way we prepare, cut, cook, marinate and conserve our ingredients all aim at creating zero waste. We also prepare food as it is orderedduring service, not beforehand, so there is no extra waste from unnecessary prepping.

In Nomad cuisine, Nothing get wasted, all get transformed

Come and taste for yourself!


  • COUSCOUS WORLD CHAMPION Sicily/ Italy 2018

    I won the title of world best couscous (Popular jury with the highest vote ever registered in over 20 years) at the Couscous Fest in San Vito Lo Capo/ Sicilia.

  • MAESTRO & PASTA EXPERT Genoa/ Italy 2015

    With Paster Master Raimondo Mendolia Pasta School.

  • SERGIO´S PACON TAPAAN Turku/ Finland 2013

    I authored and co-published a recipes book with my original recipes of Italian cuisine.

  • COFFEE EXPERT Trieste/ Italy 2005

  • Illy Coffee University of Trieste/ Italy.


    Alma Culinary School (www.alma.scuolacucina.